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Despite their university degree, 32% grads did not find full-time employment within four months of completing their degree

Australian students owe $42.3 billion to the government, by 2026 HECS loan portfolio is projected to reach $185.2billion!

A growing trend – companies hiring based on merit rather than credentials. The broader debate is a refocus on ability over credentials.

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Environmental Engineers

Environmental Engineers

Our Environmental Engineers program with Cardno will see potential future engineers like you exploring, examining and developing to create values and possibly make a difference in the future generations to come! You will be working with our group of expert facilitators, and by the end of the program, you will have developed a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure.

Connecting Cities

Connecting Cities

In our Connected Cities programme, students will be participating in a series of challenges and learning activities to investigate and analyse the case for Inrail. This is a 4-hour-programme which provides the opportunity for students to develop and create through highly interactive live activities, as we explore the challenges we are currently facing and how do we embrace the opportunities that come along with this mega infrastructure!

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Future jobs in the making

Check out some interesting jobs in making and start build your skill to get there…

Chief productivity officer

A Chief Productivity Officer (CPO) is becoming a popular role for companies that need someone to oversee and ensure technology is boosting productivity. It’s all about making sure your company stays competitive and able to analyse data to make decisions. This can include using technology to hire new employees and managing software to make sure employees can collaborate effectively from different areas.

This will see employees in IT roles and Chief Information Officer positions transitioning into a CPO role instead.

The skills required for this role include data and project management and financial skills.

Chief Automation Officer

Companies are starting to realise they need to adapt as technology advances, which is why a Chief Automation Officer (CAO) is so important. Their role will be to keep up to date with technology to see how it will impact their business so the company can quickly adapt to these advancements, especially when it comes to automating jobs. They also look outside the company for new technologies to see how they can be introduced to automate tasks in a company to increase employee productivity.  

The CAO bridges the gap between the Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) and Chief Operating Officer’s roles by ensuring business and IT work together.  

Typically the skills required include having a background in business management and/or IT and strong communication, analytical and adaptability skills. 

Space tour guide

A 2016 special issue of the journal New Space claimed that we may be settling on the moon by 2022 at a cost of $10 billion. Jeffrey Manheimer, Co-Founder & COO of, says, “Wealthy, thrill-seeking tourists are already paying $20 million for a week in the International Space Station and an estimated $175 million for a SpaceX tour of the moon.” Future lunar tourists will want to learn about the moon from qualified space tour guides: Scientists and space colonizers who know the ins and outs of Earth’s natural satellite. Check out these unusual high-paying jobs that aren’t for everyone.

Drone Pilot

Drones are set to take over the workforce and the demand for drones – and drone pilots – are predicted to become a growing industry. Drones can be used to inspect machines, deliver products and packages, and measure stocks on large farms. Flying a drone isn’t just about navigating the controls – a drone pilot has to understand flying regulations, operation procedures and safety protocols. 

Drone pilots will need a variety of skills, including the ability to communicate with a diverse group of people (clients, employees and managers) and work well under pressure. 

Maritime Virtual Security Officer

We already have driverless cars, so it makes sense that driverless boats are set to follow. But the introduction of remote controlled boats that are operated digitally means there is a risk that ships can be hacked. Virtual Security Officers will become integral to maintaining the safety of the boat and preventing cyber attacks. 

A background in cyber security and IT would be integral for the role, and skills around working fast under pressure and adapting to changing conditions will be highly regarded. 

Digital Currency Advisor

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the new way to exchange and make money, so it makes sense that you would need a financial advisor who understands how digital currency works and how to use it safely.

These future roles will likely be filled by people who have a background in accounting, finance and data security.

Important skills would include attention to detail, moving in a fast paced environment and feeling digitally confident.

Digital Removalist

The rise in social media means everything you do is there for the world to see –  sometimes not by choice, and sometimes because we don’t think about the consequences until it is up online. As the next generation begins to enter the workforce, a digital removalist will be in popular demand to remove online content- ora person’s ‘digital footprint’ – that could jeopardize someone’s career. 

A digital removalist is almost like an online detective – tacking down a person’s online presence and removing anything embarrassing, controversial or harmful for their image. 

A digital removalist will have to be IT savvy understand how to deal with their clients.