3 Major Benefits of Getting Work Experience as a High School Student

Apr 15, 2018 | Work Experience

Modern-day students often find themselves struggling to juggle their academic and personal lives, prompting a certain wariness in committing to a part-time job; not even the incentive of money seems worth the extra responsibility. However, there are many benefits of being employed during high school, which extend far beyond a paycheck. A casual job might only entail working one or two shifts a week, but the skills gained from such exposure are invaluable. In the workplace, students are able to learn key ‘soft skills’ which just aren’t developed to the same extent in the classroom.

1. Develop Soft Skills

The majority of businesses which employ school-age students are in either the hospitality or the retail spheres. Work experience in these fields ensures that students can build on their customer service, which in turn helps to improve one’s self-confidence and attitude towards work. Furthermore, customer service blends into the more overarching concept of communication skills and the ability to interact positively and effectively with others – a requirement to succeed in almost every conceivable profession. Having a part-time job also encourages students to cultivate their time management and organisational skills, as they must learn how to handle the multiple responsibilities of school, work and other activities. Doing work experience is an excellent opportunity for students to be introduced to the kind of commitment required by a job.

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Work experience also presents students with the kind of “real life” problems which inevitably arise every day in the workplace, and thus students are able to greatly improve their ability to problem solve on the spot, and their adaptability to different situations. To reiterate, work experience allows students to develop core soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and a sense of responsibility.

2. Gain a Better Understanding of the Workplace

Even if their casual job isn’t in a field that they’re interested in, students are still able to hone key administrative and interpersonal skills which will are valued in any modern workplace.

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In fact, exposure to any professional work environment helps students to narrow down what fields they’re interested in, what career they would like to pursue, and what work environment they function best in.

3. Aid in Future Job Applications

The final major benefit of having a casual job during high school is that it will undoubtedly aid students in future job applications. A lot of employers are hesitant to hire someone who’s never worked before, so having work experience will cause students to stand out among other applicants. Additionally, a casual job offers students the opportunity to make connections in different industries, add to their resumes and possibly gain a glowing reference.

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In sum, the long-term benefits of a casual job in high school far outweigh the pressure of commitment. In fact, the commitment that students make to work experience only serves to develop their sense of responsibility, work ethic and time management – which are just some of the soft skills students will learn. Mastering these soft skills ultimately sets students up for success in their future careers.

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