4 Tips To Help Students Prepare A Video CV For The First Job

Jul 1, 2019 | Students Tips

For students starting off early on in their career they are often faced with a common dilemma…

You might be wondering

‘Is a paper CV enough? Or should I create a video CV as well?’

A video CV is a great way to get the attention of an employer and stand out. 

It’s basically your chance to tell the interviewer about yourself…

and why you’re perfect for the role in a unique and personal way, and usually adds something extra to your paper resume to showcase your personality and skills.

Since there are ongoing opportunities on the Grandshake platform, we have incorporated the video function for you to record and upload a 60-second video CV – but don’t worry, you don’t have to hire a professional to help create your video!

Here Are Our Top Tips On Creating A Standout Video CV

Tip #1 – Show Who You Really Are

Firstly, be yourself! This is your chance to show the interviewer who you are and the sorts of skills and abilities you have, and since it’s a video this means you can also get a little creative.

For Example

If you’re interested in cooking then you could film your CV as you’re making something in the kitchen, or if one of your hobbies is fixing cars then film yourself as you’re rebuilding an engine.

Make sure you plan this out beforehand so you know exactly where you’re filming and what you’re going to be doing as you talk.

Tip #2 – Dress Like Your Job Depends On It 

You’re in a professional environment, so you have to act the part. Take note of how employees interact with each other and how they work on their own. Do they talk respectfully to each other? Most likely yes. Do they show up to work on time and let their supervisor know if they’re going to be late or will have to miss a day of work? Again, probably yes. That’s the standard of professionalism you’ll find in most workplaces, but it really all comes down to being a polite and responsible person.

Tip #3 – Be Prepared

Our next tip is to prepare what you’re going to say before you start filming. The good thing about a video CV is you can write out a script and rehearse it without having to worry about being caught off guard with questions from the interviewer.

But Remember

It’s best to memorise what you’re going to say, because it’s obvious in a video if you are reading off a script. You want to be looking at the camera as you talk, not reading off a piece of paper. To help you with this, there are some questions on the Grandshake platform that you can answer in your video to help you along.

Tip #4 – Location Is Key

Our final tip is to choose a location that is quiet and not too distracting. If you’re videoing in a busy place then it will be hard to hear you, and it’s distracting for the interviewer with lots of people walking around in the background.

On the other hand…

If you’re filming in your bedroom or living room, make sure it’s tidy. It doesn’t make a good first impression if you’re talking about your great organisational skills and the interviewer can see your messy bedroom in the background.

It’s recommended you film your CV against a blank wall or background with no one else around. If you’re not sure, have someone you trust – like a friend or family member – check the video before you submit it.

Now Go Get Em’!

Now you’re ready to ace your interview! And remember, even if you don’t get the job or you walk away from the interview feeling like you didn’t do your best, you can still learn from it for next time!

Every experience will teach you something

PS. If you have any personal tips or work experience stories then we’d love to hear them! Drop a comment or send an email to the Grandshake team at hello@grandhake.co for a chance to be featured on our blog and help other students find their future pathways! #letsgrandshake

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