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Who we are

We are on a Grand mission to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Grandshake is a Brisbane-based startup passionate about preparing students with the skills they need to confidently enter the workforce. We understand the pressures students feel from parents, teachers, peers and even themselves to know what they want to do after high school. On top of that, there is all this talk about what sorts of skills students need to develop in school so they can be successful after graduating. With the workforce constantly changing, it is more important than ever that students graduate high school with the confidence of knowing they are prepared for what lies ahead.

Since 2017, Grand Company has been working with schools, students and industries to understand how we can bring them together to support and prepare students with the skills they need in the real world.

What we do

Grandshake works with schools and industries to connect students with valuable work experience opportunities. Through our secure online platform, industries can upload a range of opportunities – from work and vocational experiences to job shadowing – that students can view and apply to whilst still studying.

I was in Grade 10 and thinking about doing something in virtual reality (VR) after school but wasn’t sure if it was for me. I applied for a VR opportunity through the Grandshake platform and loved the experience! Not only did it reaffirm my decision to join a VR company after school, I also gained some valuable skills I will need for that industry.

“My experience with Grandshake, which is full of possibility seekers, was marvelous, supportive and most of all, it assisted me to explore and achieve what I want to do.”
Heejun Jeoung, Year 10 student

How did it all start

In 2017, Dhawal Nayak our founder and CEO, came across a research paper that looked at what happened when two young people were placed in a room with their mobile devices. Both were perfectly comfortable until their mobile devices were taken away – they immediately became extremely anxious and instead of communicating with each other, they chose to remain agitated.

This is just one example of a wider global phenomena – you can see it on the bus, at home, in the workplace; people are unable to form social connections because they are so attached to their devices. However these social interactions are what makes us human and they build the foundations of basic human skills, and if the next generation is to thrive, they need to develop these skills early on as we work and compete with machines and AI.

To fully understand the core of the problem, we launched a campaign called The Grand Student Survey (TGSS). TGSS gave us an opportunity to understand and develop a solution to the growing gap between education and the real world. From this, Grandshake was founded with the purpose of connecting students, schools and industry to build the skills students need in the real world so they can confidently pursue their future pathways after high school.

Grandshake was founded with the vision to provide students with the opportunity to develop their soft skills and let them see firsthand what it is like to work in an industry they are interested in before they decide to pursue it as a career.

Why Grandshake

We have worked with a range of schools and industry partners to connect students with valuable opportunities. Through the platform, educators have been able to better prepare their students for the emerging workforce and provide them with an opportunity to enhance their soft skills outside the classroom.

From an industry perspective, the Grandshake platform allows industries to shape their future workforce and build their talent pipeline. This gives employers the chance to support students and develop the skills they need for that industry when they enter that field of work after graduating.

The Grandshake platform also offers students a valuable opportunity to work in an industry of interest to see whether it is a pathway they would like to pursue after graduating, as well as develop and strengthen the skills they will need to be successful in the future workforce. As soft skills become more important than ever, it is imperative students understand firsthand the skills they will need to succeed.

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