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In this highly interactive 4-hour-program in collaboration with Australian manufacturer Kador Engineering, students will investigate the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector of Australia. Furthermore, analyse this industry which contributes a mind-blowing 15% of GDP, discuss its ability to support over 1.1 Million jobs, and demonstrate your creativity and ability to put a spin on the resource and energy industry.

$47pp | 4 Hour | 9am – 1pm

14th April – 17th April 

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31st March
1st April
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9 am to 12 pm

Who Can Join

Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12

Delivery Method

Online Delivery
aka LIVE

Program overview

In the year 2020 the digital generation is all about creativity, but how to do things differently in such a traditional industry? Our Apprentice Maker program will see students who want to connect with the resource and energy industry collaboration with our amazing local partner Kador Engineering, and how does the future of the industry look like. In this program, you will learn about the growth and worth of the industry, the interesting encounter between SpaceX and NASA, and how you, the potential new blood can do to build a complete understanding and possibly a new career in this very industry! 

You will be working through a series of interactive learning activities,  participate in group sessions to solve some of the industry’s key challenges – investigating the history of the industry, analysing the benefits, problem-solving for the current situation and embracing the opportunities that come along with it.

Skills student will be exposed to;

How to adapt to future events

How to use creative thinking in day to day life

How to observe things with a critical reality

How to make better decisions

How to gain advantage through Interpersonal Communication

A Taste Of The Industry

More about the program;

In our Apprentice Maker program, students will be participating in a series of challenges and learning activities to investigate and analyse the case for Kador Engineering. This is a 4-hour-programme which provides the opportunity for students to develop and create through highly interactive live activities, as we explore the challenges we are currently facing and how do we embrace the opportunities that come along with this mega engineering!

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$47pp | 4 Hour | 9am – 1pm

14th April – 17th April 

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How the class will run 

We’re incredibly excited to be welcoming our students onto online classes and we’ve got an exciting class planned for them. When you purchase your ticket you’ll receive an email straight away with detailed instructions on how the class will run and how to get set up. Here is some high level information if you have questions around how the class will run:

Live Stream + Program Page

When you purchase your ticket you’ll receive an email with a password for our program page. This is the central hub for the class and will feature a live stream from our classroom when the class starts.

Communication Channel

Throughout the class, students will be using an online communication tool. This is a team tool used to allow students to work with their group and contact facilitators.

Group Video Call

When it comes to completing the challenges, students will join a private video call to work with their 3-4 group members. Facilitators will be joining these calls to work with the students as they develop their ideas.

Live Collaboration Board

To complete their challenges students will be working with their group members on an online whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and present their solutions. This tool will open in their browser and will let them record ideas quickly and easily.

All of the tools above are online and don’t require students to download any software. Students will be able to do everything in one browser and we will have facilitators working with students to ensure they can use the tools coincidentally through the program.

What you’ll need

We’ve got an action-packed program planned for the students and we ask that they have the following equipment ready before they join the class.

A Computer + Charger

All students will need their own laptop or PC computer and we recommend plugging it in to charge during the online program.


We recommend all students completing the programs have a pair of headphones with a microphone.

Notebook And Pen

We recommend students have some pen and paper nearby if they want to take physical notes or draw things on paper.

Completed Information Form

Students will be receiving a brief information form that we ask they complete prior to starting the program.

Quiet Space With Strong Internet

Background noise is always distracting for others on a call and a strong internet connection is very important.

Google Chrome Installed

We ask that all students install the Google Chrome browser on their device before joining the class.

Get your tickets

Want to get involved? Choose a day and get your tickets now before places sell out!

$47pp | 4 Hour | 9am – 1pm

14th April – 17th April 

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