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The state of career education in secondary schools

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A survey of 750 Careers Leaders in secondary schools in England which took place in March and April 2019. The schools of the Careers Leaders who participated are broadly representative of all state-funded secondary schools in England, including special schools, providing a clear picture of Careers Leaders across the country, noting that survey respondents are often slightly more engaged or concerned about a topic than non-respondents.

The survey covered a wide range of topics about Careers Leaders including their professional background, the scope of their role, position within the school, training and qualifications and their attitudes towards career guidance and how it has changed. Colleges, as well as schools, are expected to have a Careers Leader. 

We need your help to broadcast this survey campaign designed to support secondary educators and career practitioner professionals and highlight the state of career education in Australia. 

The data will be collected by Grand Company’s research team and analysed by researchers with guidance from the steering group.

Our end goal is to engage and enable educators and policymakers in secondary schools to work towards achieving the following developed by The Careers & Enterprise Company, UK;

1. Strategy

Integrate career guidance into the school’s strategy so that it is delivered collaboratively across the school.

2. Leadership

Appoint Careers Leaders at middle or senior leadership level so that they can work effectively with staff across the school and with external partners.

3. Governance

Engage the governing body with the school’s work on careers to ensure that Careers Leaders are supported and challenged at a senior level.

4. Time and resource

Allocate sufficient time and resource for Careers Leaders. Discuss priorities with Careers Leaders to ensure that the time available is used to best effect.

5. Training

Encourage and enable Careers Leaders to take part in the training.

Career guidance is a complex activity involving partners both inside and outside school whose activities need skilled orchestration. Careers Leaders are the conductors of the orchestra and it is critical that they have the full support of policymakers as well as the leaders in the school.

– Sir John Holman