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Connect with local schools

Through our easy to use, trusted platform, you can exclusively connect with schools in your local area

Discover young talent

Find passionate students who are interested in your industry and support them on their journey to their future pathways

Build your future workforce

Prepare for upcoming jobs and plan ahead for the capabilities and skills required to fill those roles

Providing work experience to young people helps to raise aspirations, broaden horizons, show the relevance of what they are studying to later in life, challenges stereotypes about jobs, stops them ruling out options for themselves at a young age and helps with their transition into the labour market.

Global Chairman, Deloitte

According to the survey, the top reasons companies are offering high school internships are to “support local high schools (46%), gain new ideas (23%) and to find future college interns (18%).” Brand recognition and employee morale increase greatly through support of local communities.

How does it work

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Create an opportunity

With easy to use steps, you can create an opportunity and upload it to the platform for students to apply

Receive Interest via Video CV

Interested students send through a quick sixty second video CV for you to review

Engage a successful applicant

Seamlessly arrange for the successful student to attend your opportunity

Clever Feedback Loop

Receive feedback after the student has attended the opportunity through the platform to improve future engagement

Geoff Suttor
VR/Animation Content Lead, Bondilabs

Work experience programs give upcoming talent exposure to the technical and creative aspects of our industry and allow us to identify potential future talent and a fresh perspective on our business

Mike Slobe

GM, Cascade Australia

It allows a business to connect with a multitude of students to generate interest in getting people into our types of businesses

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