STEM Work Experience Program

Build Your Own STEM Talent Pool

What you can do with Grandshake

Our promise to you!

Create a STEM opportunity with a curriculum focus

Use our STEM Standard Operating Pack as a guide to create opportunities for students that align with the Australian curriculum

Increase the talent pipeline in STEM industries

Build a talent pool of students looking to work in STEM fields in the future

Excite a generation

Inspire a whole generation to pursue a career in STEM and get them excited about the opportunities available in the future

84% of all people who hold STEM qualifications are male and
75% of jobs in the fastest growing industries require workers with STEM skills

Between 2013 and 2018 employment in STEM occupations grew by 16.5% which is 1.6 times higher than the growth in non STEM fields

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How does it work

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Create a STEM opportunity

Use our helpful guide to create a meaningful STEM-focussed opportunity that provides real world experiences outside the classroom

Engage with your Applicant

Provide a range of experiences that exposes your work experience student to diverse STEM jobs and skills

Provide Applicable Experiences

Our guide provides an outline of how you can align the experiences to the Australian curriculum and tailor a range of activities to supplement what is being taught in the classroom

Karen Andrews
Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

To ensure our children can compete for jobs in the coming decades, we need to build a strong Australian workforce with more science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills

Megan Lilly
Head of Workforce Development at Ai Group

There’s no doubt we need to increase the pipeline and talent pool of STEM graduates

Download Our Program PDF

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