Vocational Experience Program

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What you can do with Grandshake

Our promise to you!

Provide Endless Opportunities

Provide a Vocational experience for the emerging workforce to gain real world employability skills, training and practical experience

Stimulate growth in industries

Encourage interest in a range of vocational  industries to get students thinking about the various pathways available to them

Shape the future workforce

Help ensure the next generation are equipped with the right skills to enter vocational jobs

In 2017 an estimated 4.2 million students were enrolled in VET and in comparison 1.5 million were enrolled in higher education

Between 2013 and 2018 employment in STEM occupations grew by 16.5% which is 1.6 times higher than the growth in non STEM fields

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How does it work

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Create an opportunity

Create a Vocational opportunity on the platform for students to apply for

Engage with your student

Coordinate with the school, student and parents to undertake the opportunity during studies

Support your future worker

Provide support to your student as they undergo Vocational training and develop valuable skills and knowledge

Michaelia Cash
Skills and Employment Minister

We know that people with VET qualifications are highly regarded and sought after by employers, but we need more people to choose VET as their path to success

Department of
Skills and Employment Minister

These programs will be especially important because, as our economy evolves and our workforce changes, VET will be the way we train and re-train the workforce of the future

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