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Frequently Asked Questions



My school isn’t on the platform, can I still participate?

You can send the Grandshake team an email at and we will try our best to find a work experience opportunity in that industry!


How long do I have to stay committed to the platform

The standard MOU is for 12 months but to get the best results we recommend a minimum of 24 months

Our Memorandum of Understanding (which we go through with you during the induction process) asks that a school commit at least a year to the platform. However, to achieve the best success rate we recommend committing to the platform for at least 24 months.

What is my involvement after the platform is up and running/ what are my responsibilities

Once the platform is up and running it essentially runs itself. You can be as involved as you would like in tracking student progress and nurturing the platform to make sure students and industries are engaged. The more you nurture this platform and check in with students and industry partners, the more you and your students will get out of the experience and develop invaluable connections and opportunities.

How much does it cost

The cost is $24 per head per annum for each student who has a right to access to the platform.

What is the benefit for the school

You will be able to help your students gain real-word industry experience, and thus help them prepare for their future pathways by creating a streamlined process. It also creates a space for educators, work experience officers and industries to connect all in one place.

How does the school help the student get work experience

The school can help students by reaching out to local small businesses to promote work experience opportunities on the platform and liaise with the Grandshake team to make industry connections.

Why support a school-to-work model

A school-to-work model will help students gain experience in an industry of interest, see what it is like in a working environment and help prepare them for their future career path.

Do the students get paid for their placement?

No, the students should not be paid for work experience.


How much will it cost to join the platform

It is completely free for industry partners to join and use the platform.

What sort of opportunities should I offer on the platform

There are a range of ways you can provide opportunities for students, including; vocational opportunities, traineeships and work experience.

How do we get the students on board

Students will already be on the platform as they would have been on-boarded by their school and the Grandshake team, all you have to do is upload the opportunity to the platform! The Grandshake team will run you through this process by providing an induction to the platform,  but if you have any questions feel free to email

How long do we have to commit to the platform

There is no set time you must commit, but we recommend committing at least a year to the platform in order to achieve the best possible results and experiences for your organisation and the students.

How many opportunities do I have to provide?

Depending on the size of your organisation, we recommend that you provide at least twelve opportunities within a one year period (however this is open to discussion with the Grandshake team). There is no limit on the number of opportunities you can provide.

What benefit do I get from the platform

The Grandshake platform is a fantastic way for you to tap into and build your talent pipeline to help shape your workforce of the future. You will be able to get young people engaged in your industry and expose them to all the opportunities available once they graduate.

What level of experience should I expect from the students

Most students who use the platform will have limited work experience, although some may have experience through part time or summer jobs. The reasons these students are applying for opportunities on the platform is to further develop their workforce skills, so it is reasonable to assume they will not have an immense amount of experience in your field of work. This provides you with the opportunity to enhance the skills they will need when they begin applying for graduate roles in your industry in the future.

What am I expected to teach the students

In order for you and the students to get the most out of the platform, it is recommended that you expose students to a wide variety of roles and skills. Whilst there is no set criteria that we hold you to, it is expected that students will gain valuable insights and skills development by working with you.

What are my overall responsibilities during the program

You will be responsible for providing safe, engaging and valuable opportunities to students in a supervised and controlled environment.

On the platform you should set out clearly what the role involves, including examples of tasks students will be performing and the hours they will be working. Students must be inducted into the workplace and receive adequate support throughout their experience.

You can find more information about your role in providing work experience on the Queensland Government Education website: