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Meet Tiernan

A year 10 student who has placed in the top 10 of the global competition RoboCup, but doesn’t quite know what he wants to do after school here in Brisbane. He likes the sounds of engineering and robotics, but not sure what exactly it would entail. These are the same questions we’ll ask you to find work you’ll love.

What are you going to do after school?

I’m not sure, but I think engineering or robotics.

Do you know what that entails?

Not exactly, but I know in both industries soft skills (like teamwork) would be required.

Do you think you’re equipped with those soft skills through school?

No – school hasn’t directly taught us soft skills. They’ve done teamwork and those kind of exercises but no focus on soft skills.

Do you want to do work experience at school?

I’d definitely want to do work experience in engineering and robotics – otherwise you’re going into an industry not knowing what you’re doing. It would allow me to be more employable.

We’re helping Tiernan hone in on the skills he needs to go into the industry he loves.

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