Year 10 student immersed in work experience of virtual reality

May 1, 2018 | Work Experience

Thank you ? to the amazing team at Bondi Labs – Enhancing Human Decision Making we’ve had our first young students from KELVIN GROVE STATE COLLEGE Heejun, attend her work experience in animation and design through #Grandshake platform. Heejun’s very enthusiastic year 10 students interested in #realworld experiences. Geoff Suttor has been teaching Heejun the ropes.

A little about Bondi labs;
Through Kuube, Bondi Labs delivers engaging and effective 3D simulation training and assessments that enhance skills while improving business outcomes. The Bondi labs team is on a mission to enhance human decision-making by developing people-centric intelligent visual technologies.

Grandshake is on a mission to democratise opportunity and experiences for young people. With a powerful vision to close the gap between education and real-world experiences.

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