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We have partnered with the local and global companies to launch an immersive 3-hour education program using online Live delivery tools for high school students. With engaging content and challenges to enable, engage and embrace young leaders of tomorrow. We can’t wait to welcome students into our online programs so they can build their 21st-century skills from anywhere in the world.

The Grandshake Live program aims at tackling industry education and building awareness. From an outcome perspective, the programs promote active learning, job-skills overview, igniting buzz and excitement about the future of work and provide exposure to a set of skills;

  • How to adapt to future events
  • How to use creative thinking in day to day life
  • How to observe thing with a critical reality
  • How to make better decisions
  • How to gain advantage through Interpersonal Communication
  • A Taste of the Industry

Environmental Engineers

Powered By Cardno

Environmental Engineer is a program for students who want to learn more about careers in environmental science, engineering or even related technical Trades. Grandshake have partnered with Cardno a global environmental engineering organisation to provide students, our future engineers and environmental enthusiast an opportunity to explore challenges related to designing sustainable communities. In this 3-hour-program, students will be participating in a series of activities related to environmental engineering, landscape architecture and building sustainable communities. Students also will learn about the amazing opportunities Cardno has for offer.

$47 per student | 3 Hour | 29th April

Connecting Cities

Powered By Inland Rail

Don’t get tricked, it’s more than just ?Rail. Connecting Cities is a fantastic program that helps students who want to better their chance of getting into STEM careers. Inland Rail is an Australian government initiative, a megaproject that will connect Brisbane and Melbourne via a freight rail network with a goal to move goods safely and effectively across two major cities. In this 3-hour-program, students will be participating in a series of challenges and activities related to the environment, regional communities and the future of Australia. Students also will learn about the amazing opportunities Inland Rail has for offer.

$47 per student | 3 Hour | 23rd or 30th April

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