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4-week self-paced virtual work experience including activities & challenges designed by Cardno.


Start anytime, anywhere on mobile or web.


Suitable for students in year 10, 11 and 12.


Employer verified Microcredential – designed to help you land your first jobs.

What will I get out of the program

✔ Opportunity to connect with real-world professionals who work in areas related to environmental science, get an inside scoop on how the industry works and learn from their experiences.

✔ You’ll be awarded an employer (Cardno) certified Microcredential, that can better your chances of kick-starting a career in areas related to environmental science.

✔ Learn how a global infrastructure, environmental and social development company like Cardno, operates in more than 100 countries.

✔ Built a mindset around making a difference in communities within regular work.

✔ Engage in activities and challenges to identify and suggest solutions to problems related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

New success stories every day

Students all around Australia are joining to design their own future.

“I found it difficult to interact with my school. But Grandshake was awesome and the work experience helped me develop a sense of responsibility and got me some experience I needed.”

“Through my first job shadowing, I landed a paid gig. I soon release the benefits of being employed during high school. I found other ways I can start my career and not go crazy about ATAR.”

“I took every opportunity, and work experience was the perfect opportunity to better myself and help me figure out what I want to do after school.”

“In year 10, I did not know what I wanted to do and none of my friends are talking about what they want to do. Thanks to Grandshake I found my passion and sense of clarity.”

Program overview

In this virtual work experience program, we will provide practical insights into the life of an environmental scientist and areas related to environmental science. We will also unpack how and why a global leader like Cardno commits to a set of values and beliefs that guides them towards a common goal of ‘Making a difference’.

Through the program, you will be presented with activities and real-world challenges related to environmental science. You will also get a chance to connect with environmental scientists and people from Cardno.

Cardno certified microcredential

On your successful completion, you’ll get a certified digital badge certified by Cardno – an employer and an industry leader in environmental science and construction.


Environmental Scientist

Better your chance of land your first jobs and starting a career in areas related to environmental science.

Join the 4-week program for $158 $87

Schools enquire here

If you are interested in participating but experiencing financial hardship contact us so we can enrol you into the Grandshake scholarship program.

Related jobs

This program goes beyond environmental scientist, you may be interested in other areas/jobs listed below.

Environmental Consultant

If you’re passionate about protecting the environment and have an understanding of the realities of running a business, then a career as an environmental consultant could be for you.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers combine brilliant problem-solving abilities with scientific skills to create technological solutions which protect, restore and preserve the planet.

Horticultural Consultant

You’ll need a range of relevant work experience, business acumen and a willingness to travel as well as excellent subject knowledge to work as a horticultural consultant

Water engineer

A career as a water engineer may appeal to you if you’re keen to solve problems within global warming, ageing infrastructure, population growth and quality of living standards.

Geotechnical Engineer

For a career in geotechnical engineering, you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of soil and rock, combined with an investigative problem-solving approach, for working on diverse infrastructure projects.

Environmental Education Officer

Successful environmental education officers are passionate about conserving the world around them and can speak and engage with people of all ages.

Marine Biologist

Studying the sea and its complex ecosystem is not only a popular and rewarding career, but is also vital for the continued challenges facing marine environments under threat from human activities.

Bushfire Consultant

If you’re passionate about protecting our forest while working with Government, property owners, renewable energy & infrastructure sector, then a career as an bushfire consultant could be for you.

Marine Scientist

Marine scientists are involved in research, analysis and forecasts in relation to the oceans, their life forms and coastal areas.


Oceanographers use science and mathematics to study and explain the complex interactions between seawater, fresh water, polar ice caps, the atmosphere and the biosphere.

Future job prospects…

We pulled some data from the job outlook (an initiative of the Australian Government, Department of Education, Skills and Employment) for a quick read…

Weekly pay

Future growth

Lower unemployment

Very high skill
Skill level rating

41% female
Gender Share

39 years
Average age

Skills student will be exposed to;

How to adapt to future events

How to use creative thinking in day to day life

How to observe things with a critical reality

How to make better decisions

How to gain advantage through interpersonal communication

Acquire a taste of the industry


Environmental Scientist

Better your chance of land your first jobs and starting a career in areas related to environmental science.

Join the 4-week program for $158 $87

Schools enquire here

If you are interested in participating but experiencing financial hardship contact us so we can enrol you into the Grandshake scholarship program.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answer you’re looking for below…

Who is Grandshake for?

Young people aged between 13-19.

How long is the virtual work experience program?

Typically our virtual work experience programs are designed for a period of 4-week.

How many program can I do?

You can enroll in one or more programs on Grandshake. Although, we recommend you enroll in one virtual experience at a time so you can get the most out of the program.

Are there any prerequisites for the programs?

No. There are no prerequisites for the program.

Is there any face-to-face interaction or is the program completely online?

There’s no in person or face-t0-face interaction required. Our online virtual work experience programs are solely designed with a purpose of reaching as many young Australians as possible.

When can I commence my program?

Anytime. You can start a program whenever you want, it might be during the school holidays or during the regular school term.

Why should I choose Grandshake?

Because we get you! We get that you’re not sure, we get that decision making can be a difficult process and the fears, self-pressure and expectations from family, siblings, school and friends can be daunting. So here’s an answer to your question, ‘Why Grandshake?’ – Grandshake programs are designed in partnership with local and global employers. Experiences gained during these programs will assist you to gain greater insights and develop relationships with people who work in the industry or area of your interest. We exist so you don’t have to say “I wish I had Grandshake” when I was in high school trying to figure out what’s next…

How can I pay for my program?

Payments can be made using a debit or credit card. We don’t store your card details, your payments will be processed by Stripe (a world-leading payment gateway platform). In short, nothing to worry about.

Are the courses VETis funded for students?

No. Unfortunately, our programs are not funded by the local or federal system.

Can I get practical work experience after completing a virtual work experience program?

Yes. Our programs are designed for students who want to gain a brief insight into the industry and also for students who want to take that next step. So if you want to take that next step we got your back. We have a range of opportunities including industry tour, job shadowing, mentoring programs, and our micro-apprenticeship (an opportunity similar to the practical work experience).

What’s a microcredential? What can I do with it? And how does it improve my chances of getting my first job or starting a career?

Visit Grandshake MicroCreds page to learn all things microcredential related.

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