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Meet Jasmine

A year 12 student who isn’t part of the mainstream QLD curriculum. She has a dream of helping people through the law, but not sure what exactly what it would entail. These are the same questions we’ll ask you to find work you’ll love.

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What do you want to do after school?

I grew up with a tough childhood and saw people being treated badly. Due to that, part of my dream is to help people. I want to help them rectify situations where they’ve gone against the law, or need to know the steps in order to leave unhealthy situations and better their lives. I want to be a lawyer.

Does school help you with your pathway?

They provide me with books and websites I can look into, but that’s about it for the moment due to resources. I’m hoping they’ll help me further, and I’d like to try interning at a law firm.

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