Help your students uncover their future pathways

A 21st-century platform for 21st-century schools

What you can do with Grandshake

Enable pathway opportunities for your students

Connect with local industry

Increase your links with industries and create a secure network of trusted partners

Provide Pathway Opportunities

Facilitate purposeful pathways for all you students, regardless of what they want to do

Enable Future Skills

Be a part of an effective platform that is future focused and expose your students to the skills they need in the world of work

Meaningful work experiences that takes your students from education to employment

Future-fit students | Industry connectivity | Career education

Secondary students can develop work-related skills through volunteering or part-time employment, complementing the vocational learning and VET they participate in at school

Education Council

Educators have the unique and unassailable opportunity in our society – to prepare students – teach them the human ability, to harness our minds and to apply creative thought to new problems

World Economic Forum

Career education is the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes – to assist students to make informed decisions about their study and working life.

Department of Education

Grandshake 18-19 Pilot Summary

Learn how Grandshake can support work experience for your students, here’s a short summary of Grandshake 18-19 pilot

How does it work

Give your students a fluent link to their future

School Onboarding

We have created an easy process for your school to sign up to use the platform – With personal on-boarding sessions, a range of tools and resources to help you, and friendly team members on hand throughout the process

Industry Onboarding

We understand your time is precious so we also provide assistance to get industry partners onto the platform so they can provide a range of opportunities for your students

Student Onboarding

Bringing students on the platform is an important step so we make sure to put together a strategy that will allow you to sign up students seamlessly – We run school incursions throughout the year and provide tools and resources to efficiently engage your students so they get the most out of the platform


Grandshake team member will work with you throughout the year to make sure we are providing constant value to you and your students

Celebrate Outcomes

Outcomes achieved through the platform is a great opportunity to showcase how your are supporting your students

Llew Paulger
Executive Principal,
Kelvin Grove State College

Grandshake is a 21st Century engagement strategy designed with input from students, schools and employers focussed on meeting each groups’ needs. It blends user-friendly paradigms into one platform. It has evolved out of the needs of all partners to provide a solution for a 21st-century conundrum.

Future Of Work White Paper

The world is progressing faster than we could have ever imagined. As technology advances, and new industries are born, the demand for new skill sets will emerge.

​Our Future Of Work White Paper, published in collaboration with BOP Industries, will look at some of the emerging trends and how we can start preparing for this change.

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